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Sensi Amnesia Auto strain review

Sensi Amnesia Auto strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, sensi seeds

Sensi Amnesia Auto


Sativa dominant autoflowering (Sativa 50%/ Indica 20%/ Ruderalis 30%) Hawaiian Indica x Afghani x Jamaican Pearl


Harvest XL, indoor 400-450 gr/sqm, outdoor up to 80g/plant


10 – 12 weeks 


THC 17-20%, CBD 0.03%


Old school 

Temperate / continental

Sensi Amnesia Auto strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, sensi seeds

Sensi Amnesia Auto strain:

Sensi Amnesia Auto has an outstanding gene pool, like parent plants including Jamaican Pearl, Hawaiian Indica, and Afghani #1. Hawaiian Indica is an uncommon strain in that most varieties from this region are more sativa in origin, but this rare Sensi Seeds varietal blends exotic flavors of pineapple and tropical fruit with delicate indica relaxation.

It’s sativa, indica, and ruderalis mix, and the sativa influence is noticeable in the high, which is imaginative and melancholic. As an automatic feminized strain, it’s easy to grow in most climate conditions, even for complete beginners. The plants create a creamy, fruity flavor, and grow to moderate altitudes.

The plants look conical, have a thin top and a heavier, more bushy foundation. The buds are rather compact and appear to be shaped around the central stem and at the end. The plants yield moderately good results for a vehicle if properly cared for.

In personality, the fragrance is equally sativa. Growers should anticipate a sharp tropical aroma with hints of exotic fruits and citruses from their plants. This scent is generally enhanced by the approach of plants to harvest and by the taste. There are also users who complain that the flavor is like Haze.

Average Yield

The strain, in addition to being 50% sativa, is 20% indica and 30% ruderalis. It is a feminized variety, which ensures the seeds can develop and flourish as females into plants. Therefore, farmers do not have to fear that unnecessary male plants will be removed for harvest purposes. It is also auto-flowering and is an important benefit in colder temperatures for those who wish to cultivate plants. In short, in most places, both inside and outside, this strain usually prospers.

The strain flowered for 10 to 12 weeks comparatively long (70 to 84 days). The value of auto-flowering encourages the planting, however. The plants can reach modest heights, which for an automated version is rare. Growers should expect to exceed 120 cm for indoor cultivation and up to 210 cm for outdoor cultivation. Yields up to 400-450 grams per square meter.

While harvests may not be so wondrous as other strains, they are easy to grow. In contrast to many variants, this strain grows well and needs little maintenance even in cooler climates with shorter summers. More seasoned cultivators may also use the growing techniques SCROG (Screen of Green) and SOG (Sea of Green).

Medical use

Like its mental effects, Amnesia White’s medical applications lie in brain relaxation. Patients with chronic migraines, headaches, glaucoma, emotional fatigue, or depression are frequently treated with amnesia White. Furthermore, the strain appears to be an ideal treatment for inflammation.

Sensi Amnesia Auto strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, sensi seeds

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