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Breaking News: Germany Legalizes Cannabis! What You Need To Know, marijuana, weed, europe, cannabis social club

Germany Legalizes Cannabis: What You Need to Know Last week, Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, made a historic decision, voting in favor of legalizing the consumption and cultivation of cannabis by adults. However, before you light up in celebration, let’s delve into the details of what this legislation […]

Germany on the Verge of Legalize Recreational Weed by April 1, 2024, Germany weed legalization, cannabis, marijuana

Germany Set to Legalize Recreational Weed by 2024 Germany, a country known for its strict regulations and emphasis on order, is on the verge of a revolutionary decision that could have far-reaching implications for its citizens. A historic agreement has been reached on the legalization of cannabis, bringing Germany closer

Belgium’s Plan to Decriminalize All Drugs: Following Portugal’s Example

Belgium Considers Following Portugal’s Lead in Decriminalize All Drugs Belgium is currently considering the possibility of decriminalizing drug use and possession, inspired by Portugal’s example. Belgian national drug commissioner Ine Van Wymersch is in favor of the proposal. If implemented, the new policy would view drug use as a public

Thailand's Push to Ban on Recreational Marijuana: What It Means, news cannabis legalization in Thai

Thailand’s Push to Ban on Recreational Marijuana: What It Means? The first Asian country to decriminalize cannabis consumption aims to eliminate recreational use while preserving therapeutic use In 2019, Thailand became the first country in Asia to legalize medical use of cannabis, marking a significant shift from the hard-line stance

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