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Three Kings strain review

Three Kings strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, seeds

Three Kings


Sativa dominant hybrid (Sativa 70%/ Indica 30%) Headband X Sour Diese X OG Kush


Harvest XXL, up to 450-600 gr/sqm.


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 19%, CBD 1%, CBN 1%


New school 

 warmer and temperate climates

Three Kings strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, seeds

Three Kings strain:

There is little knowledge of the origin of the Three Kings strain  except that the cross between Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush is three-way. Maybe the divinity of this strain has a truth, huh? It is nevertheless available on the market, but until now the growers have not published much information on its lines. Indeed, nobody could determine who this strain was the original breeder.

When you listen to the Three Kings, what is the first thing you think about? Remember that one night was dark when Three Kings walked after the brightest star in the sky to see you know who? The angels chanting the hosanna followed the birth of Jesus. There was, of course, a great deal of joy. Speaking of joy, our 3 Kings Strain will be one thing to bring.

3 Kings Bud is comparably regular in appearance and very typical of many hybrid strains, especially those produced from such famous strains. A dry bud of 3 Kings is expected to look brightly green with brown and yellow trichomes and hair that show its quality.

A few other people who smoke can be struck by their smell initially, even the experienced who tried different strains. This strain is pleasant enough with a pine earthy fragrance, not that it has a faulty odor, far from that.

Three Kings are smooth and keep a pine sweet mouthfeel with a diesel undertone. It may be due to the quality of the buds, but some smokers defined the taste as more hash than kush. However, this strain is very popular in most smokers.

Adverse Effects

What would be the symptoms when there’s an adverse reaction? Dry mouth. All strains of cannabis make one’s mouth dry. So, this isn’t a big thing, is it?

But watch out. You’re good till you’re good. You’re good. Smoke too much and you could worsen the very benefits it offers. One reason many people use cannabis, for example, is to ease stress and relax. With the Three Kings, you could feel too much anxiety and paranoia.

Average Yield

We understand exactly about the dark green buds with brown hair, but there is insufficient information about growing the three kings. Here, we can make smart assumptions. This strain would most likely flourish in warm and temperate climates because of the location of its availability. One tip we have gathered is that the buds are rather heavy, which means that it needs to be supported extensively.

When grown indoors, the yield is expected to be between 450 to 600 grams per square meter with a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, using basic recommendations for treating cannabis plants.

If the warmer and temperate climates prove adequate, then sometime between late October the 3 Kings should be ready with a yield of around 680 grams per plant.

Medical use

Finally, what does a strain that lifts your mind and helps your body to relax and find medical use? Simple. Simple. Those with too much stress and anxiety, including depression, can benefit. Although cannabis can calm you down, it’s root causes that make you feel stressed or worse. They will not go away until you deal with the causes and take care of the root of the problem. Smoking 3 Kings provides you with just a few hours of emotional relief.


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