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Triangle Kush Strain review

Triangle Kush strain review, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, plant

Triangle Kush 


Indica dominant (Sativa 15%/ Indica 85%)  descendant of Florida’s version of  OG Kush 


Prize Winner


Harvest indoor 300 gr/sqm, outdoor 300-350g/plant


10 – 12 weeks 


THC 20-26%, CBD 0.2-1%


New school 

warm climate

Triangle Kush Strain:

The strain of Triangle Kush is an 85% representative 15% sativa strain of cannabis, which means that it is a dominant Indian strain. It also has THC levels, averaging about 26% THC, so get stuck in the extreme high that Triangle Kush has to bring.

Triangle Kush’s buds are usually deep green in the trees, with a dark orange or amber fur. But on top of it, there’s an amazingly stunning pad, a faint dusting of snow White trichomes.

It has an intense aroma of sour lemón and ground with floral nuances, which reminds us of other Kush strains. It also features a touch of pine and a spicy note of gasoline.

Triangle Kush has the fragrance of earthy and lemony. In comparison to a sweet and acidic citrus note, its aromas add a character. It leaves an aftertaste spicy and woody.

Like its predecessor, Triangle Kush has strong, calming, psychoactive effects. It comes as well, though it is an Indica strain, with an uplifting and stimulating high.

Triangle Kush is a highly strong strain with up to 26% THC. Owing to that, beginners and even veterans can be intimidating. This ganja can be the ideal companion for a stimulating and calming afternoon, however, in moderate quantities.

Average Yield

Triangle Kush can easily resist changes in the weather, being dominant in Indica. However, it’s not beginner-friendly, considering its robustness. It could prove difficult for many to achieve a clipping as a clone-only strain.

Grown indoors, Triangle Kush is diligent in its care. For instance, the indoor atmosphere has to be moderately warm and rich in CO2. Temperatures do not, however, exceed 88 ° C. The pH of the soil must range from 5.8 to 6.0. The plant also needs to be topped early, otherwise, it may get too tall.

All these methods tediously cause Triangle Kush to expand. And once the 10-week flora is over, growers should expect a yield of up to 300 grams of buds per square meter. More than that, however, it has such an incredible strain that improves its growth.

In comparison, it was a little less painstaking to develop the Triangle Kush outside. This strain of cannabis, like many others, flourish in a humid, warm climate. It typically blooms around the 2nd or 3rd October week and can produce between 300-350 grams of weed per plant.

Medical Use

Triangle Kush has a low CBD content like other cannabis strains. This herb has no systematic medicinal advantages at only 0.2%. However, medical users believe that its psychoactive properties are the benefit of the strain.

Its high mental elation is necessary to control depressive moods. This helps people with depression to find comfort in their use. Triangle Kush is not only known to contribute to mood and morale, which makes it a valuable relief to stress.

Triangle Kush strain review, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, plant
Triangle Kush strain review, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, plant
Triangle Kush strain review, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, plant
Triangle Kush strain review, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, plant

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