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Bubblegum strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant,CANNABIS SEEDS
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Bubblegum Strain Review & Growing Info

If you’re looking for a balanced hybrid strain that can provide a pleasant and satisfying high, Bubblegum might be just what you need.

This strain has been carefully selected and refined since the 1970s, initially in Indiana and later in Amsterdam, where it gained recognition by winning numerous Cannabis Cup awards.

Bubblegum is renowned for its unique, candy-like scent and taste, as well as its euphoric and mood-lifting effects.

Bubble Gum Strain Effects

Bubblegum, also called “Bubba Gum”, is a popular hybrid strain known for its unique characteristics. This strain offers a well-balanced effect that can provide both relaxation and invigoration.

It induces a feeling of happiness and positivity, making you feel relieved. You will enjoy the company of your friends and will want to share a laugh with them.

As the effect progresses, you will feel as if you are floating in the clouds and eventually descend into a relaxed, stress-free state.

Bubblegum also has a reputation for inducing hunger pangs, often referred to as the munchies. So, get ready to satisfy your cravings and sit on the couch with some delicious snacks.

Overall, Bubblegum is an excellent choice for those who want to feel happy, carefree, and relaxed.

Bubblegum strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant,CANNABIS SEEDS

Bubble Gum Terpenes

Terpenes are organic compounds that provide cannabis with its unique aroma and flavor, and they also contribute to the plant’s effects. Bubblegum is a strain of cannabis that has a complex terpene profile which enhances its mood-boosting and pain-relieving properties.

Dominant terpene:

Caryophyllenespicy, cinnamon, clover

The primary terpene in Bubblegum is Caryophyllene, which is also present in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and it can also modulate the endocannabinoid system. This terpene may help with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, and depression.

Secondary terpenes:

Ocimeneherbal, sweet, citrus, herbaceous, wood
Terpinolenefresh, smoky, wood, herbal, citrus, flora
Phellandrenemint, lime, citrus, herbal, floral, wood
Carenesweet, citrus, earthy, musky, pungent, herbal, wood, cedar

In addition to Caryophyllene, Bubblegum contains several secondary terpenes that contribute to its flavor, aroma, and therapeutic properties.

  • Ocimene has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can work as a bronchodilator. This terpene may aid in the management of respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma.
  • Terpinolene has sedative and antioxidant effects and can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells. This terpene may help with insomnia, stress, inflammation, and cancer prevention.
  • Phellandrene has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties and can also stimulate the immune system. This terpene may be beneficial in the management of mood disorders, infections, and autoimmune diseases.
  • Carene has anti-inflammatory and bone-healing effects and can also improve memory and cognition. This terpene may help with Alzheimer’s disease, brain fog, and osteoporosis.

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Aroma and Flavor

This particular strain has gained notoriety for its unique, sweet aroma. Bubblegum is a pleasant and seductive presence that fills the room with its floral and earthy notes. It leaves behind a trail of sweet candy scent that is sure to make your mouth water.

Bubblegum boasts a one-of-a-kind blend of flavors that truly lives up to its name. This hybrid combines the flavors of various fruits, producing a creamy smoke that tastes like berries. Its distinctive tropical aftertaste has won many fans, especially those who love sweet and fruity varieties.

Adverse Reaction

Bubblegum is a very potent cannabis strain that can be overwhelming for those who are not regular smokers. It can cause mild paranoia, anxiety, and discomfort, especially for people prone to such feelings. Dry mouth and eyes are also common side effects that can occur.

In some cases, Bubble Gum’s strong sativa and indica effects can lead to dizziness and confusion. However, these events are rare.

Medical Benefits

Doctors prescribe this delicious strain for several reasons. It is highly effective in helping patients with chronic stress, anxiety, and other related conditions as it possesses powerful relaxing properties.

Bubblegum is also a great pain reliever for people who suffer from migraines, back pain, muscle spasms, and headaches, without any side effects that are usually associated with prescription drugs.

This hybrid is also a powerful mood enhancer and can help treat various mental problems, including depression, by elevating the mood and inducing bursts of laughter.

Additionally, it can be used to treat insomnia by making you feel sleepy on the way down, setting you up for a good night’s rest.

Bubblegum strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant,CANNABIS SEEDS

Bubble Gum Grow Info

You can choose to grow Bubblegum indoors or outdoors, depending on your preferences and conditions. Bubble Gum is an easy-to-grow cannabis strain and is perfect for beginners. However, it is prone to mold if humidity is high or ventilation is poor.

If you choose to grow it outdoors, protect it from rain and wind, as they can damage the buds and cause mold. This strain thrives in warm, sunny climates, with temperatures ranging from 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While it can tolerate colder temperatures, it won’t produce as much resin or flavor.

Pruning is a fundamental technique that improves air flow, light penetration, and yield. However, care must be taken to carry it out at the right time, as it can influence the growth and production of buds.

For Bubblegum, the ideal time to prune is before the flowering phase begins or within the first two weeks of flowering. Afterward, avoid pruning, as it can shift the plant’s focus from developing shoots to healing wounds.

Bubblegum is perfect for SOG (Sea of Green) as it has a uniform growth pattern and clones well. You can use soil or hydroponics as a medium, but make sure you provide enough nutrients and water to your plants.

Bubblegum does not require excessive amounts of nutrients but benefits from an extra supply of phosphorus during the flowering phase. Phosphorus helps in bud formation, resin production, and flavor enhancement. You can use organic or synthetic fertilizers, but be sure to flush them before harvesting to avoid any chemical taste or harshness in the smoke.

Bubblegum Flowering Time


When grown indoors this strain needs 8 to 9 weeks of flowering before it can be harvested when grown indoors.


Outdoors, the harvest is typically ready for picking from mid to late October.

Bubblegum Yield

Indoor Bubblegum typically produces an average of 16 ounces of candy buds during harvest, while outdoor yields are around 14 ounces per plant.

FAQs about Bubblegum Weed Strain

Bubblegum, also called “Bubba Gum”, is a hybrid that was created in the 1970s by breeders in Indiana. It was then refined by the Serious Seeds company in Amsterdam and has won several awards for its quality and potency.

Bubblegum has a moderate THC level of 13%-19%, which makes it suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Bubblegum has an average yield of 16 ounces per square meter indoors and 14 ounces per plant outdoors.

Bubblegum is a 50-50% hybrid marijuana strain that has a sweet and fruity flavor reminiscent of bubble gum.

Bubblegum is a hybrid weed strain with a sweet and fruity flavor. It can make you feel happy, euphoric, relaxed, relieved and hungry. However, it also has some side effects that you should be aware of.

The most common are dry mouth and eyes, which can be relieved by drinking water and using eye drops.

Some users may also experience paranoia, anxiety, or dizziness, especially if they consume too much or have a low tolerance to THC.

Bubblegum is an easy strain to grow, but it requires some attention to prevent mold and get the best yield. Here are some tips to help you grow this strain:

1. Choose the right environment: Bubblegum can thrive both indoors and outdoors, but it prefers a warm and dry climate.

If you grow it outside, make sure to protect it from rain and humidity, as these can cause mold on the buds.

If you grow it indoors, use a ventilation system and a dehumidifier to keep the air fresh and dry.

2. Prune your plants: Bubblegum tends to grow bushy and dense, so pruning is essential to improve light penetration and air circulation. Pruning also helps to shape the plant and remove any dead or unhealthy leaves.

However, don’t prune too early or too late in the flowering stage, as this can affect the bud development.

The best time to prune is before the second week of flowering when the plant is still in the vegetative stage.

3. Use the SOG method: Bubblegum is an excellent strain for the sea of green (SOG) method, which involves growing many small plants nearby and inducing them to flower early. This way, you can maximize your yield and save space and time.

4. Feed your plants properly: Bubblegum needs a balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as micronutrients and water.

During the vegetative stage, use a high-nitrogen fertilizer to promote growth and greenery.

During the flowering stage, switch to a high-phosphorus fertilizer to boost bud formation and resin production.

Don’t overfeed your plants, as this can cause nutrient burn or lockout.

Also, flush your plants with plain water for the last two weeks before harvest to get rid of any excess nutrients and improve the flavor of the buds.

This hybrid blend produces a creamy smoke that tastes like berries with a tropical aftertaste, attracting fans who love sweet and fruity varieties.

Bubblegum is not very resistant to mold and pests and requires careful monitoring and maintenance. Growers should avoid high humidity and excess moisture, and use organic pesticides to prevent infestations.

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Bubblegum strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant
Bubblegum strain review
Bubblegum strain review


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