Candy Kush Strain Review & Growing Guide | All You Need to Know

Candy Kush Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm
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Candy Kush Strain Review & Growing Guide

Candy Kush, also known as “Kandy Kush”, is a hybrid strain of marijuana that was created by combining two famous Californian strains, OG Kush and Trainwreck. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is not only tasty but also has a unique potency. As the name suggests, it has a sweet candy flavor and a strong lemon and Kush aroma.

It’s important to note that this strain has an average THC level of 15-21%, which means that users should be cautious when trying it for the first time. Many users are often tempted to take too much after just one taste, which can lead to them falling victim to its effects.

Candy Kush Strain Effects

It’s common for people to try various activities to distract themselves when dealing with stress or anxiety. However, even if they try to distract themselves with something else, their mind may still be disturbed and tension may build up in their body. This is where medical cannabis can be helpful.

After consuming a few hits of Candy Kush strain, she quickly feels a calming sensation. As the effect of cannabis spreads throughout the body, it can help reduce tension and promote relaxation. However, it is important to consume this strain in moderation and at the end of the day, when it is time to rest and unwind, to avoid finding yourself in a couchlock situation.

In addition to creating an overall happy mood, some users may also experience a sense of euphoria. It’s important to note that for novice users, the sudden headshot can be deceptive and cause them to take multiple shots. But once the sedative quality begins to take effect on the body, they may find themselves in mindless bliss and completely immobile.

Kandy Kush strain can help even those who have no appetite. However, those who are trying to lose weight should be careful about overeating because it can stimulate hunger.

Candy Kush cannabis Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm

Candy Kush Terpenes Profile

Terpenes are organic compounds that give plants their unique aromas and flavors. They also contribute to the therapeutic benefits of different cannabis strains by interacting with cannabinoids and other terpenes to create the entourage effect. This effect is when the whole plant works together to produce a greater effect than any single component.

Dominant terpene:

D-Limonenecitrus, lemon, orange, tangerine

The most prominent terpene in Candy Kush is D-Limonene, which gives it a refreshing citrusy aroma and flavor. D-Limonene can also be found in fruits like lemons, oranges, and tangerines, as well as in herbs like mint and rosemary. This terpene is known for its anti-stress and mood-enhancing properties, as it can increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. D-Limonene can also aid in digestion, inflammation, and infections.

Secondary terpenes:

Caryophyllenespicy, cinnamon, clover
Myrceneearthy, musky, fruity, clover, hop, pungent
Ocimeneherbal, sweet, citrus, herbaceous, wood

In addition to D-Limonene, this strain contains other secondary terpenes such as Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Ocimene. These terpenes contribute to the complex aroma of the strain, as well as its euphoric and energizing effects.

  • Caryophyllene, adds a spicy and peppery touch to the strain. Caryophyllene can also be found in spices like black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon, as well as in plants like basil and oregano. This terpene is unique because it can bind to the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which are involved in regulating pain, inflammation, and immune response. Caryophyllene can also help with anxiety, depression, and addiction.
  • Myrcene contributes to its earthy and musky undertones. Myrcene can also be found in plants like mangoes, hops, thyme, and lemongrass. This terpene is known for its sedative and relaxing effects, as it can increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and allow more cannabinoids to enter the brain. Myrcene can also help with insomnia, pain, and muscle spasms.
  • Ocimene, adds a sweet and herbal nuance to the strain. Ocimene can also be found in plants like mint, parsley, orchids, and kumquats. This terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, as well as its ability to repel insects and pests. Ocimene can also help with respiratory issues, allergies, and infections.
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Candy Kush marijuana Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm

Aroma & Flavor

If you are a fan of Candy Crush, you will find that this strain represents a whole new level of experience as you can not only smell it but also taste it.

Kandy Kush is known for its sweet fruity fragrance reminiscent of candy. The delicious aroma of this strain is one of the reasons for its popularity among medical cannabis users.

In addition to the pleasant scent, Kandy Kush also has a pleasant flavor, with the perfect combination of sweet berry aftertastes and a strong citrus undertone.

Adverse Reactions

When consumed in excessive amounts, Kandy Kush can cause some of the most common side effects of cannabis. These may include dry mouth, dry eyes, mild headaches, or mild paranoia. To prevent dehydration and discomfort, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and other fluids. It’s worth noting that these side effects are not very common and usually subside quickly.


Kandy Kush is a type of cannabis that can be used to relieve stress. However, excessive consumption can cause extreme relaxation and sedation. While it can be an effective way to escape the realities of life, it is not recommended to make it a habit.

Some individuals may use Kandy Kush to cope with depression and mild forms of PTSD. It is crucial to keep in mind that these are serious mental health problems that require professional assistance. While smoking cannabis can provide temporary relief, it should not be used as a substitute for proper treatment.

Candy Kush weed Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm

Candy Kush Grow Guide

Growing Candy Kush requires attention and care, making it unsuitable for beginners. It is rated at a moderate difficulty level.

Candy Kush cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it is recommended to grow them indoors for better yield and environmental control. The hydroponic system is the most effective method for indoor growing because it provides plants with optimal nutrients and oxygen and helps them develop their candy-like appearance with dense, resinous buds.

Training techniques such as the Screen of Green (ScrOG) or low-stress training (LST) method are recommended to improve light penetration. Remove lower foliage from the plant when trimming early to promote a bushy canopy. Provide support to sprouts when they become heavy.

This particular strain of cannabis thrives in cool and dry climates. It is important to maintain a low to medium humidity level in the growing area, as high humidity can lead to mold and mildew issues. While Candy Kush has good resistance to mold, it is still recommended to carefully monitor and maintain optimal humidity levels.

Candy Kush is a moderate feeder, meaning it does not require excessive amounts of nutrients. However, it is essential to provide the plant with a balanced supply of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium throughout the growth cycle. Additionally, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur supplements should also be given to improve the quality of the buds.

Candy Kush Flowering Time


The flowering time indoors ranges from 9 to 11 weeks, depending on the phenotype and growing conditions.


Outdoors, the Kandy Kush plant can reach up to 3.5 feet in height and is typically ready for harvest by mid-October.

Candy Kush Yield

Indoors, it has a good yield of around 14oz/m². Using low-stress training (LST) methods can help improve its yield. Outdoors, it yields approximately 18oz/plant.

FAQs about Candy Kush Marijuana Strain

Candy Kush offers a moderate to high yield both when grown indoors and outdoors. Indoor growers can expect to harvest about 14 ounces of buds per square meter, while outdoor growers can obtain up to 18 ounces per plant.

Candy Kush has a moderate to high THC content, ranging from 15% to 21%, depending on the batch and the grower.

Kandy Kush can induce feelings of happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and hunger; however, it may also cause dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and paranoid feelings.

Candy Kush is a strain of cannabis that is made up of OG Kush and Trainwreck. It has a high percentage of indica, around 75%, and a lower percentage of sativa, around 25%.

Candy Kush has a pleasant flavor, with the perfect combination of sweet berry aftertastes and a strong citrus undertone.

Candy Kush strain info:


Candy Kush Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm
Candy Kush Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm
Candy Kush Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ilgm


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