CBD ingestion by high-fat foods

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Ingestion of CBD substantially impaired by high-fat foods

While cannabidiol (CBD) has become an FDA-approved medication designed to assist regulate epilepsy in toddlers with serious epilepsy, relatively few studies have been performed on how the ingestion of CBD substantially impaired by high-fat foods.

Highly important experimental studies at the University of Minnesota have shown that the absorption of CBD in conjunction with high-fat foods is significantly increased.

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CBD ingestion by high-fat foods
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What is CBD Epidiolex

The oral version of CBD Epidiolex was endorsed by the FDA last year. Although the levels of CBD blood in previous human dosages in oral solutions can be up to four times higher if consumed with a high-fat foods, Epidiolex’ general recommendations suggest that it should be taken with or without foods. At present, the most common dose advice is to take the drug at the same time every day.

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CBD Epidiolex and high-fat foods

New study arise on high-fat foods

The new study examined CBD when given through the capsule formulation to better assess how body absorption of CBD can differ with food intake. The researchers suggest that the increased variations in liquid composition make it possible to deliver the intestines more reliably and to consume them more efficiently. For a dose analysis like this, this provides correct blood pressure information.

The study compared CBD rates between fasting states and a breakfast meal consisting of more than 800 calories consumed within a half-hour, almost 600 of which were fat calories.

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What were the findings

The findings were drastic, as drugs fed with high-fat foods tended to have an average CBD level 14fold higher. The higher absorption rates were not related to variations in cannabinoid or intellectual effects but a stronger effect of CBD on seizure control is expected in the case of consumption with a fatty meal.

The co-author for new research Angela Birnbaum states, „ There is an aim for epilepsy patients to maintain stable blood concentrations of the drug. “It has been shown by this study that the concentrations of CBD can vary considerably if patients take it differently, often with or without food.

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CBD Epidiolex and high-fat foods
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The final results are in!

The findings of this research are limited, and maybe the most obvious question is whether the absorption of CBD is affected by similarly-caloric but lower-in-fat meals. The limited sample size of the analysis is another issue. Just 8 adults have been studied and the findings are consistent with earlier studies on CBD and high-fat diets, but the analysis is much too poor to suggest that any meal conditions significantly enhance the suppression of seizure attributes of CBD.

However, with some fairly definitive suggestions, the researchers do come out of the report. Further CBD potency research is recommended that these food results be taken into account. And, while not all meals provide consistent amounts of fat, CBD is taken on a daily basis with some form of food at the same time.

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