Coronavirus and Cannabis

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Coronavirus and Cannabis

International anxiety about the coronavirus classified as COVID-19 has prompted several citizens to take measures against the virus. It only poses several concerns about cannabis, vaping, edibles, THC, CBD, and your wellbeing after this tough period.

We’re going to keep monitoring this page while we know more. And this is what we know about weed and about COVID-19.

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coronavirus and weed

Breaking News on cannabis and coronavirus

Current headlines regarding weed and coronavirus have affected drug business throughout North America, causing dispensaries, suspensions, and the introduction of curbside pick-up and distribution orders. SARS-CoV-2 cancels much of the 420 activities and switches specific actions away from sharing joints and pipes.

Until last Monday, April 6: COVID-19 hospital admissions and fatalities that average this week in New York City. Surrounding states New Jersey and Connecticut are projected to be the next problem areas.

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Coronavirus fatalities in the United States are up to 20,000.  Almost twice as much as three days before. Recent forecasts published by IHME University of Washington, found that several states have effectively flattened the curve of stay-at-home instructions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

Consequently, the morgues in New York City has run out of rooms. The 80 refrigerated trailers that run across the area, each carrying 100 people, are almost complete. Community authorities intend to dump corpses in illegal mass plots in city parks.

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New things emerging from COVID-19

Different choices, such as sidewalk pickup and distribution, are increasingly emerging for patients who use medicinal cannabis. In the past couple of days, Hawaii and Ohio both added a curbside delivery. Delaware also incorporated distribution and New Hampshire removed the distribution to the curb.

As of April 3, the United States reported more than 248,000 infections and more than 6,000 deaths.

For now, we’re likely to reach 30,000 fresh diseases a day. These infection figures are significantly misreported due to the continued difficulties of acquiring a coronavirus. More infections and more deaths are anticipated and  the first cycle is predicted to arrive around mid-April and the beginning of May, based on local factors.

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coronavirus and cannabis

Could cannabis or CDB avoid or treat coronavirus?

None, no. Just a flat-out no. Despite the overwhelming excitement around CBD, we’re already hearing wild reports about its effect on coronavirus.  Most likely shared through social media and such arguments are not valid, either. There is no sound research on CBD, hemp and coronavirus.

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coronavirus and cannabis
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Is it possible to use weed right now?


It is incredibly necessary to maintain yourself physically and psychologically safe through this time of social alienation and home-stay orders. If your health routine contains cannabis and you do not exhibit the signs of coronavirus, keep going.

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coronavirus and cannabis
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Coronavirus' impact on the production of cannabis goods

As all regulated weed items are manufactured in the nation in which they are distributed, market analysts are not anticipating a lack of real weed due to import slowdowns.

It is not to suggest that there would be no gaps or interruptions in the production of other goods. Many steam batteries and bulk steam cartridges are produced in China. Such supply chains have also experienced shutdowns and disturbances owing to quarantines hitting the Chinese industrial industry.

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