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Golden Goat strain review

Golden Goat strain review weed

Golden Goat


Hybrid (Sativa 70%/ Indica 30%) Hawaiian-Romulan X Nice Skunk Island


Harvest indoor Up to 450g/m², outdoor 400g/plant


9 – 11 weeks 


THC 23%, CBD 1.07%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Golden Goat strain:

The Sativa-dominant combination is the Golden Goat between the male Hawaiian-Romulan and a female Nice Skunk Island. This strain has been documented in the Kansas area as a consequence of an unplanned pollution incident that first came into existence in 2009 in Colorado between the Hawaiian father and the mother of Sweet Skunk.
This provides a strong match for a wide variety of weed users with 70% sativa, 30% indica genetics. This incredible combination contributed to a mystical and unquestionably therapeutic development.
Golden Goat is an enticing look, flooding the air with a delicate citrus scent that fills the space. This sativa is both pleasant and earthy and displays the delicious lemon scent that will cater to you.
You will understand the Golden Goat is specifically related to a Hawaiian sativa, whether you are acquainted with cannabis forms of citizens. The distinct colors of light Green and also Rose in a neon-looking mix render it identifiable. 
This variety of weed is also physically pleasing, appealing, and light to the skin. Golden Cup will also have a frosty layer of rich trichomes that coat the surface and shine in the sun.
The smoke of this sativa has a rather pleasant and fruity flavor, which strongly matches its scent. With its tropical fresh taste, Golden Goat strain exposes its deep core of Hawaii, clearly reminds of its distinctive friendship. Long after you smoked your tongue would have a sweet, citrus taste.
This strain will produce approximately 16 ounces per square plant and it will grow and be ready for harvest in an average of 9 to 11 weeks. Golden Goat will yield approximately 14 ounces per acre, and is expected to be generous about the end of October.
The industry is full of strong and medical weed varieties, but it seems that for such purposes, in particular, this variety especially shines.
Golden Goat strain review weed seeds marijuana flower
Golden Goat strain review weed seeds
Golden Goat strain review weed seeds marijuana flower
Golden Goat strain review weed seeds marijuana
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