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True OG strain review

the-true-og strain review cannabis grow flower

True OG 


Indica dominant hybrid (Sativa 30%/ Indica 70%)  OG  Kush variant


Prize Winner 2nd place indica spot in every High Times Medical Cup since 2010


Harvest XXL up to 500gr/sqm, outdoor up to 450g/plant


8-9  weeks 


THC 22%, CBD 1%


Old school classic

Temperate / continental

true og strain review cannabis weed grow flower

True OG strain:

True OG is a sweet and sparkling Kush variety that deserves its reputation as one of the smoothest indica hybrids. The strain was created on California’s sunny shore and has only been increasingly popular every year since then.
The strain has become famous in recent years as one of the most desired indices on the market today. The strain is a Southern Californian clown.
This True OG  strain is a pleasant smelling citrus flower, which can cover you in a bland fog of flavor, which preemptively forces you to wet your mouth. This indica mixture often appears to smell pungent and is often found in certain phenotypes with a light pine scent.
It also boasts a broad variety of flavors with heavy, earthy, and pungent scents most prominent. Its strain tastes heavy and bland, leaving a fresh, unpleasant taste on your palate and a slight bit of the spice and citrus fruits.
This may be expected that True OG grown indoors will yield about 500 grams per harvest. This strain may take 8 to 9 weeks to blossom and be ready to harvest generously and cordially.
Its combination can grow in an outdoor climate and is extremely immune to specific molds and diseases.  Thus, the plant is roughly 450 grams. Additionally, with anticipation,  that True OG will be ready to pluck at mid-October.
True OG is a favorite among patients who also have difficulties managing their pain. This combination is extremely successful in treating a long list of problems, especially for muscle spasms, joint pains, and other inflammatory disorders, which alleviate physical pain with the help of an aware mind.
In certain situations, because of the intense indica impact that can result in a heavy body sensation, you feel somewhat dizzy. In certain users, this combination will induce a slight headache and even a small bit of acute anxiety in some extreme cases.
true og strain review cannabis weed grow flower
true og strain review cannabis weed grow flower
true og strain review cannabis weed grow flower
true og strain review cannabis weed grow flower

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