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Blue Cheese strain review

Blue Cheese strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant

Blue Cheese 


Hybrid (Sativa 40%/ Indica 60%) Cheese X Blueberry


Prize Winner


Harvest XXL,indoor up to 450g/m², outdoor 500-600 g/plant


7 – 8 weeks 


THC 19%, CBD <2%


Old school

Temperate / continental

Blue Cheese strain:

Blue Cheese is a classic hybrid that comprises Blueberry genetics straight from Oregon and Cheese vibes which came to light after the dankest Skunks were hybridized with each other. Whenever eating a cheesecake, one wishes for delicious blueberries to cover the delight. Whoever manifested the idea of blending Cheese and Blueberry, was a genius. Blue Cheese comprises 60% indica and 40% Sativa genetics. It’s not uncommon to see this strain on Amsterdam’s coffeeshop menus, it’s quite a popular variety.

Appearance-wise, it is compact, purple-tinged flowers with average resin coverage. Meanwhile, the THC rates are above the 19% threshold, which makes this cultivar powerful. The scent was a perfect mixture of sweet blueberries and strong musky and putrid components, the high point for this strain.

The flavor took on more of the cheese than the scent, while the fragrance of the berry dropped off. There was also an iron-like tang, like what can be found in “goat” cheeses, while some took sharp, peppery notes. The sweetness was still there, but the harsh tastes were better.

Blue cheese nugs are given to indoor producers about up to 450g/m² while indoor game farmers are given around 500-600 gr/plant. The returns for a dominant Indian strain are very good, but certainly not the best. The high leaf-to-bud ratio is one downside for Blue Cheese, and the trim is thinner. The short flora of 7-8 weeks is perfect for passionate growers. This cultivar will be cultivated during September by outdoor cultivators.

Blue Cheese’s predominance is on the indica line, but there are Sativa vibes. Imagine Buddhist monks meditating deeply, Blue Cheese feels like this toke afterward. It is not an uncommon thing with blue cheese to have philosophical relations on the metaphysical stage. For example, others will consider Blue Cheese as a more soothing blend that the favorite half will enjoy as dinner and a movie and chill. 

Blue Cheese strain
Blue Cheese strain
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