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Blueberry Headband strain review

Blueberry Headband strain review, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, plant

Blueberry Headband 


Hybrid (Sativa 30%/ Indica 70%) ‘76 Blueberry X F3 Emerald


Harvest XXL, indoor up to 450 gr/sqm, outdoor 900-1100g/plant


8 – 9 weeks 


THC 10-20%, CBD 0.05


New school 

Mediterranean climate

Blueberry headband strain review plant weed grow flower

Blueberry Headband strain:

Blueberry ‘s original headband was a cross between the Headband Blueberry and F3 Emerald. Emerald triangle seeds and Humboldt seed companies worked together to release the newer strain. Later, while the breeders continued to improve the strain. From that time on, and with F6 status, Humboldt has further improved the quality of Blueberry Headband.

Blueberry Headband has an aroma that feels very comfortable and tender, with an earthy undertone like sweet blueberry. It has a scent that is attractive to most people.

In reality, the Blueberry Headband is even better than smelling. This strain has a distinctly fruity taste of beer or blueberry, and a faint pine scent can be observed during exhalation. You are more inclined than any other weed to enjoy the aftertaste.

Grown indoor, the Blueberry Headband should thrive well so as long as you take care of it and provide an environment that is similar to the Mediterranean climate. This strain is ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks and has a moderately high yield of up to 450 grams per square meter. Perhaps one way to increase the yield is not to cramp up your space and provide higher wattage of lighting.

Blueberry Headband is grown outdoors and has an exceptionally strong return of around 900 to over 1100 grams per plant. If you still have such a vision, the effects of your diligence and diet during selection can be seen in early October until the end of September.

In approximately two to three hours, when Blueberry ‘s effect begins to wane, most people have starvation. Therefore, if one suffers from disappointment, it is a good strain to use.

The Blueberry Headband can be used in moderation both during the day and at night. Any intermediate users may experience a certain degree of discomfort because of the intense ringing feeling on the ear. It is not a worrying issue unless you smoke too much.

Blueberry headband strain review plant weed grow flower
Blueberry headband strain review plant weed grow flower
Blueberry headband strain review plant weed grow flower

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