Legalization of Marijuana in Italy

Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression
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Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression

The resolution brings Italy to a limited number of locations where restricted farming is allowed for personal use. Legalization of Marijuana brings the idea that small quantities of weed are produced at home for private use is not a felony, Italy’s supreme court agreed to resolve a long-lasting legal controversy and to include Italy in a limited list of countries that require medical cannabis production.
The 1990s laws banned marijuana production and selling in Italy but contradictory court rulings and a 2016 amendment creating a legal loophole created controversy over how to implement the statute.
In its opinion, a one-page opinion of its conclusions, “Small farming at home should be seen as exempt from the implementation of the penal code” seems to have solved at least part of the issue, the highest court of the world.
Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression, home grow
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Legalization of Marijuana rulings

On the 19th of  December 2019, the judges created the paper which was first released by the AGI news agency on Thursday. A final, thorough decision is only inaccessible for weeks or months, and the full rationale of the Court was not rendered public. Unanswered questions include how much cannabis is referred to as ‘small-scale farming,’ but the ruling was based on a case where the accused had two plants.
It seems like the court has declined to legalize weed without hindrance, but has decriminalized small-scale private production, and although it can be legally unlawful, it is not deemed to be a significant offense and still has minimal fines.
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Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression, home grow, clone
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Addressing the issue to the public

But the idea remains: both popular sentiment and the political elite have often been so superficially obsessed with the topic of the legalization of weed, and “fake reporting” that still, luckily remains continuously negated, has been muddied for decades. Therefore, it is vital to address the matter by leaving mere political discourse today more than ever before to avoid being attracted to the elements of reality.
Well, The health problem we have confronted since 2020 carries with it an imminent economic and financial catastrophe that many analysts in economics have had little shame in describing much more severely than in 2008. The economic condition for Italy since the war is also stated.
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Policies and desirable aims to conduct

Fortunately, many of us have not been through the post-war period, but rather experienced the serious economic crisis of 2008 which caused many jobs, hundreds of companies to be shut down, or huge personal sacrifices. Now, twelve years on, such lackluster time is on the horizon again.
The policy steps that Italy and Europe find more desirable to prevent this phenomenon should be embraced by the financial and real economies. But it is unquestionable and clear to everyone that the ‘Financial Process Italy’ requires ‘fresh life’: fresh opportunities, new spending, new revenues.
Capital can not be transferred either and the rise in the tax burden, which is currently the largest in Europe, or the introduction of new taxes (the so-called “asset” is more plausible). Extraordinary, far-sighted, and bold steps, which go beyond democratic dogmas and moral and religious prejudices, are also important.
And you have to adopt them now, not after or tomorrow, it should be NOW !!! and therefore, legalizing cannabis should be one of them!
Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression, campagna legalizzazione, io coltivo
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And why should they legalize marijuana?

Because the legalization of marijuana in Italy would bring tax benefits of between 6 and 8.7 billion euros per year. This is what emerged from the study conducted by prof. Pietro David and by prof. Ferdinando Ofria of the University of Messina entitled: “Why to legalize cannabis: an analysis of costs and benefits”.
In total, the tax income specifically generated from cannabis purchases will be between 7.9 and 5.2 billion euros/year (delta depending on market prices), with the benefit of 228.4 million euros/year, equal to the estimated public health and protection budget, if the amount applicable to cigarettes is identical to the one applicable to purchases of 75%. Each of a network of primary (connected with new industry regulations) and indirect (connected with a possible rise of light product consumption) expenses.
As regards the above, it is necessary to note that the data from outside the world indicates that there are no major indirect costs related to the legalization and that the consumption of cannabis following legalizations has not risen but decreased among young people by around 10%.
Since legalizing cannabis will entail produced NEW 345,000 jobs, tax collections of EUR 3 billion per year, and income tax revenues of EUR 1.5 billion per year (Source: Marco Rossi, an Economic Assessment: legalization is feasible (with some updates).
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Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression, euro money , italy tax
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Sales and expenditures on the weed growing sector

In just two years, 10,000 new employees and 2,300 new companies, and in the year 2018 sales, the so-called “cannabis light,” a sector which today is also highly at risk due to legislative laziness, have been created, while the legal cannabis sector in America employs 243,700 people and is the fastest-growing sector. 
Because only cannabis usage at an industrial level may be confident by enabling research and technology developments for the current value chains (textiles, food, etc.) to help generate new employment and tax income; since the WHO is demanding the reclassification and treatment by cannabis, through eliminating cannabis from the most dangerous substances.
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Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression, cannabis job
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Legalization of Marijuana means a lot of positive outcomes

Also, because now, the promised right to care for thousands of patients with difficulties in procurement is not accepted in compliance with the Constitution.  Ever since in the human experience an existence, NOBODY was ever killed from an excess of cannabis!!!
Anyone who says that they have not done so would be completely in bad conscience, as it will give young Italians an incentive to live and invest actively in their territories. (Italy is potentially the best place in the world to cultivate weed, for those who still don’t know). Since prohibitionist measures have collapsed, as the National Anti-Mafia Directorate has stated that the Legalization of cannabis is an essential strategy in combating illegal organizations; because drug usage is huge, and it is more profitable than banning it; that’s why weed needs to be legalized NEW!!!
Legalization of Marijuana in Italy brings economic progression, cannabis job
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Few last words and the reasons why we should legalize cannabis

And believe it is not a strange idea to legalize cannabis now from the economic crisis that awaits us: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has already set the path and included the legalization of cannabis in the planned post-COVID-19 economy regeneration measures.
This is just a number of the reasons why cannabis has to be legalized, but do not forget that cannabis also has to refer to economics: bioplastic, medicine, clothing, construction, paper, food, fuel, plant purification, cosmetic products, energy, cars, and spirituality. 
In other terms, it is deeply dishonest to simplify the issue of legalization of weed to ‘yeah, spinel’ no! On the other side, drug reform reflects societal development and advancement of expression of thinking or means of solving all the problems of the social/economic movement.
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