Republicans Want Cannabis Reclassified

Republicans Want Cannabis Reclassified, MARIJUANA, WEED, POT, USA, AMERICA
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Republicans Want Cannabis Reclassified

In a recent hearing on Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers called for Joe Biden to have cannabis reclassified as a Schedule III drug. The Obama administration is currently considering this request, but many Americans are skeptical of the decision. 

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic for years. With so many negative side effects on the body, why would it be considered legal? Is it just because there are no medical benefits at all? Well, you might be surprised. There have been studies that show that cannabis can help people who are suffering from pain or anxiety disorders. It also helps with nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments which is an invaluable tool for this type of illness. 

The study by Professor Dragan said, “What we found was quite encouraging because, despite the presence of THC in these products, they seem to relieve clinical symptoms very well.” So even though there are not any medical benefits shown yet, legalizing cannabis could potentially benefit people dealing with certain illnesses. 

Republicans Want Cannabis Reclassified, MARIJUANA, WEED, POT, USA, AMERICA
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In between talks of rescheduling Cannabis

On the federal level, marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug. It is illegal to grow or distribute in the US, and because of this status, several research restrictions prevent further study into its medical uses. There have been several attempts to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous substance, accepting it is not enough as medicine. 

In response to the letter, an FDA spokesperson said cannabis has not been approved as a safe and effective drug for any indication. “Any such review would require the agency to evaluate carefully the benefit-risk profile of a potential approval and would take into account the public comments that would be submitted in connection with such a request,” they said.

While this is true, not just for Republican lawmakers but the rest of the U.S., it isn’t as easy as getting Biden to sign something into effect. A petition has to be filed by someone at HHS or another outside party, and then it’s up to the attorney general to review that petition.

However, this isn’t just a priority for Republican Congressmen. The majority of Americans want marijuana legalized. But it’s not as easy as getting Biden to sign something into effect. First, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services or another outside party has to file a petition. Then, the attorney general has to review that petition.

If the FDA determines that enough scientific evidence exists to support rescheduling cannabis, it will issue an order to reschedule. The next step is for the attorney general to request a review from the Department of Health and Human Services. If HHS agrees that enough evidence exists, they will conduct their independent review.

Republicans Want Cannabis Reclassified, MARIJUANA, WEED, POT, USA, AMERICA
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The GOP wants to reschedule marijuana

The Republican Party is encouraging the rescheduling of cannabis. According to a letter from Senator Orrin Hatch and Congressman Matt Gaetz, the GOP urges President Trump to remove cannabis from its Schedule I classification. The letter claims that “initial research has shown cannabis to be a significantly less addictive yet effective pain-management alternative” to opioids.

As the US continues to deal with the opioid epidemic and seek ways to stop it, it cannot close its eyes to other remedies. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) this week published a letter to the Drug Enforcement Agency calling on it to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many deaths, so we should not ignore other options such as cannabis legalization.

On the other hand, in addition to her work with the Cannabis Trade Alliance, Joyce Young also helps run a cannabis consulting firm. She helps the government craft marijuana legislation and policy that will help dispensaries, cultivators, and patients. One of her recent projects is a bill to federally reschedule cannabis. She filed this bill on her own – she’s not even a senator!  

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Republicans Want Cannabis Reclassified, MARIJUANA, WEED, POT, USA, AMERICA

The Common Sense Cannabis Reform for Veterans, Small Businesses and Medical Professionals Act

 A new bill called the Common Sense Cannabis Reform for Veterans, Small Businesses, and Medical Professionals Act, has been proposed to Congress. The act goes beyond previous bills in that it requires protections for federal studies into medical cannabis and mandates that in completion of these studies within a certain period.

While the CARERS Act is a huge project, and Sanders’ sponsorship of it does not necessarily mean he will work on social justice reform, he is still sending a strong message by standing up to the president and demanding the rescheduling of cannabis.

Biden has been a longtime opponent of cannabis legalization. Last week, while speaking at a town hall in New Hampshire, Biden said that he was not yet sold on the idea of legalizing adult-use cannabis. He also stated that there is still much work to be done before any serious strides can be made regarding legal cannabis.

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