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Gushers Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds
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Gushers Strain Review & Growing Guide

Gushers, which is also known as “Fruit Gushers”, “TK41”, “White Gushers” or “White Gusherz”, is a highly potent cannabis strain that is famous for its fruity, sweet, and candy-like flavor.

Besides being great for recreational use, Gushers is also an excellent choice for medical marijuana users. With a THC content ranging from 15% to 25%, this strain can leave you speechless. Its hybrid qualities make it an ideal choice for treating chronic pain and anxiety. This strain can induce mental euphoria and relax the body, which can help relieve worries and pain.

So, if you’re looking for a strain that offers a sweet, fruity flavor with powerful effects, Gushers could be the perfect choice for you.

Gushers Strain Effects

The Gushers strain has a moderate to high THC level that provides a smooth and stimulating cerebral effect. It takes a few minutes to take effect, but it’s worth the wait. Users report feeling relieved of their worries and experience a tingling sensation that starts at the back of the scalp and moves forward.

This strain also has a body effect that dissolves anxiety, worries, and muscle tension. Its low-stress effect is best described as relaxing. You’ll feel calm and relaxed, but not tired, which makes it perfect for getting through the night.

The chilling mental high combined with the gentle body high helps keep users awake and aware without feeling stressed. The Gushers is a great complement to an evening on the couch with friends and a good movie.

Gushers cannabis Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds

Gushers Terpenes

Gushers is known for its rich terpene profile, which is one of the reasons why it is so flavorful and aromatic. Terpenes are organic compounds that provide plants with their unique smells and tastes, and they also have various effects on the body and mind. Here are some of the main terpenes present in Gushers and their benefits:

Dominant terpene:



Spicy, cinnamon, clover

Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene in this strain and is known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties. Caryophyllene also interacts with the endocannabinoid system, enhancing the effects of THC and CBD.

Secondary terpenes:

LimoneneCitrus, lemon, orange, tangerine
Linalool Floral, lavender, rose, citrus, wood, rosewood
Valencene Sweet, fresh, orange, grapefruit, wood
PhellandreneMint, lime, citrus, herbal, floral, wood
  • Limonene: This is the second most abundant terpene in Gushers. It is associated with mood elevation, stress relief, and antibacterial effects. Limonene can also increase the absorption of other terpenes and cannabinoids through the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Linalool: This terpene is known for its calming, soothing, and anti-convulsant effects, making it useful for treating insomnia, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy. Linalool can also modulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.
  • Valencene: This terpene has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-fungal properties, as well as stimulating alertness and creativity.
  • Phellandrene: This terpene has antidepressant, antiseptic, and bronchodilator effects, as well as enhancing memory and cognition.
Gushers marijuana Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds

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Aroma & Flavor

Gushers has a sweet and fruity aroma similar to candy, with a hint of creamy cookies that come from Gelato #41. After spending some time with it, you can also detect herby and spicy undertones.

When it comes to flavor, there are no surprises. The first puff gives you a mouthful of sour fruity candy with strong tropical notes. Moreover, there’s a cookies and cream aspect that makes the smoking experience even smoother.

Adverse Reactions

This strain has a moderate THC level, which generally limits its side effects. The most common side effects reported are dry eyes and dry mouth.

Gushers has an indica heritage that helps keep anxiety levels low, but overconsumption may lead to drowsiness or slight paranoia. To avoid these effects, it is important to pace oneself and be aware of one’s limits.

Medical Benefits

Although Gushers is often used for recreational purposes, many people find it useful for its therapeutic properties.

The euphoric cerebral effect of this strain can effectively relieve anxious thoughts and can help with symptoms of depression, and anxiety. Water jets can lift your spirits and help you relax, dissolving feelings of hopelessness or hopelessness.

Additionally, its calming effects can help reduce heart rate and repetitive thoughts, while symptoms of OCD or PTSD can often fade.

For those suffering from chronic stress, this strain can offer the chance to relax both mentally and physically. The body high is relaxing and can help relieve tension, relieving any pain or discomfort associated with stress or chronic illness.

People with arthritis pain, cancer pain, and fibromyalgia have also reported finding relief through Gushers.

Gushers weed Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds

Gushers Strain Grow Info

Growing this strain can be a bit tricky, like many specialty strains currently available. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to start with a strain that’s easy to cultivate and is forgiving of mistakes. The Gushers strain performs better in warmer climates and thrives in a more humid environment.

Gushers is a medium-sized strain and typically grows up to four feet (130 cm) but can reach up to six feet (180 cm). It is usually more of a lateral grower. Basic training methods can help boost the yield.

If you want to get the most out of your Gushers plants, it’s best to top them when they’re young. By removing the main apical cola, you force the plant to put more energy into lateral growth, which encourages an even canopy. Wait until three more nodes have developed on each new stem before topping again. If you have a long vegetative period, you can even go for another topping, but we found that the double topping method worked great.

Be careful before topping and always use a super sharp blade. Experienced growers have reported that topping was too harsh for their Gushers crop. So, if you have any doubts, it might be best to avoid topping.

LST (Low-Stress Training) is a safer method for training cannabis. It involves little actual stress on the plant, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to put their plants through any unnecessary hardship. Bend and tie the stems in the direction you want them to grow and keep the whole canopy at a similar height throughout the entire run. This helps ensure that every bud site gets an equal amount of light.

Gushers Flowering Time


If you choose to grow Gushers plants indoors, be prepared to wait for 10-11 weeks before you can harvest them.


Gushers plants grown outside in the northern hemisphere will be ready to harvest around late October. Therefore, it’s better to grow the strain in warmer climates where it won’t freeze before it’s ready to smoke.

Gushers weed Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds

Gushers Strain Yield

When harvesting indoors, the yield per square meter is usually about 13-15 ounces of bud. On the other hand, you can expect around 18 ounces of dank bud per plant when grown outside.

Gushers Origin

Gushers is a strain that was created by crossbreeding Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, two well-known strains that possess distinct characteristics.

  • Gelato #41 is a hybrid strain that was developed by Cookie Fam Genetics, a group of breeders from the Bay Area. This strain has a sweet and creamy flavor similar to that of ice cream. Its potent and well-balanced high can induce both physical relaxation and mental stimulation.
  • Triangle Kush, on the other hand, is an Indica dominant hybrid that was bred in Florida from an unidentified OG Kush phenotype. This strain has an earthy and piney flavor with hints of fuel and lemon, and its high is strong and long-lasting, which may result in couch-locking effects.

FAQs about Gushers Marijuana Strain

Indoor growers can expect to harvest 13 to 15 ounces of buds per square meter, while outdoor growers can get up to 18 ounces per plant.

This weed strain is known for its high THC level, which can range from 15% to 25% depending on the batch.

People have reported feeling energetic and happy after using this strain, as well as experiencing a relaxing body high that eases stress and tension.

However, some users may experience negative side effects such as dry eyes, a dry mouth, drowsiness, or slight paranoia.

Gushers is a strain of weed with a balanced ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, making it a versatile choice for different effects.

Gushers is a delicious strain that combines fruity and creamy flavors. The initial hit is tangy and sour, with hints of exotic fruits. The exhale is smooth and sweet, with a cookies and cream aftertaste. This strain is a treat for the senses that will make you want more.

One of the advantages of growing this strain is that it is resistant to pests and mold, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Gushers Strain Info:


Gushers Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds
Gushers Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, cannabis, marijuana, seeds


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