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Lava Cake strain review

Lava Cake strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot

Lava Cake 


Hybrid (Sativa 40%/ Indica 60%) Thin Mint GSC X Grape Pie


9  weeks 


Harvest indoor to 300-450 gr/sqm, outdoor 500g/plant


THC 15-18%


New school 

Temperate / continental

lava-cake-fstrain review weed cannabis flower grow

Lava Cake strain:

The Lava Cake strain is a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie from the famous Cannarado Genetics. This strain is known for its deliciously sweet aroma profile which shows extremely smooth terpenes, while the high one provides consumers with deep delight.
Naturally, the Lava Cake varies from 15% to 18% THC in terms of strength very mellow. Her nuts are very broad and thick and even though they appear to be a dark shade of green olives, this is accompanied by large, white trichomes. As you would expect, this strain is a little more earthy in Nature, like a cookie, mint, and berries. You ‘re getting to the nostrils and wanting more from the mix of fruits, nuts, and pines.
You’ll understand the name when you first taste Lava Cake weed. The flavor is rich in nutty and chocolate, nearly fruity. The exhalation is when the mint is in operation to preserve a vibrant and new atmosphere.
The flowering period of Lava Cake is generally pretty short, typically only taking about 9 weeks for indoors. For outdoor grows, harvest time early of October, and yields can prove to be exquisite if the crops are raised healthy. Indoor yields typically range at around 10-16 ounces per square meter, while outdoor yields are 14-18 ounces per plant.
The strain is easy to grow, both indoors and out, responds well to sunny and warm weather. It is difficult to find someone who has grown Lava Cake because this is a pretty uncommon strain. Many who have developed the strain in lava cake nevertheless claim that it is an enjoyable, suggestive strain to produce. The genes indica contribute to a more bushy plant growing in more sun. Many indica strains, including Lava Cake, respond to stress-reduction training very well.
If you feel clever, you might want to pair the bud with a real lava cake, otherwise, just take a few tokes from this strain and settle in for the night. 
lava-cake-fstrain review weed cannabis flower grow
lava-cake-fstrain review weed cannabis flower grow

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