Sour Tangie Strain Review & Growing Info

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Sour Tangie Strain Review & Growing Info

If you suffer from stress and depression, the Sour Tangie strain could be your right choice. This sativa dominant cannabis strain is highly sought after among patients who use medical marijuana to alleviate their mental health problems. However, it has many benefits for recreational users as well.

Sour Tangie (aka Sunva or Sour Tangerine) can help improve your mood, making you feel more optimistic and improving your concentration. This, in turn, can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, Sour Tangie might be the solution you’re looking for.

Sour Tangie Strain Effects

If you are not used to smoking cannabis, or it is your first time doing so, be cautious because once it hits you, there is a buzz that could leave inexperienced smokers feeling dizzy. Sour Tangerine is a potent strain that delivers a wonderful cerebral high.

One thing that makes Sour Tangie insanely popular is that it smells good and tastes better, but its effects are absolutely fantastic and it doesn’t leave you high or wandering off into dreamland. Users of this strain are likely to feel more focused and energetic and the euphoric feeling continues for a couple of hours or so.

Sour Tangie weed Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman

Sour Tangie Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique aroma and flavor. They also have various effects on the body and mind, as they interact with the endocannabinoid system and other receptors. Sour Tangie has a complex terpene profile that contributes to its effects and benefits.

Dominant terpene:

Myrceneearthy, musky, fruity, clover, hop, pungent

The dominant terpene in Sour Tangie is Myrcene, which is known for its relaxing, sedating, and anti-inflammatory properties. Myrcene can also enhance the effects of THC, making Sour Tangerine more potent and psychoactive.

Secondary terpenes:

Limonenecitrus, lemon, orange, tangerine
Caryophyllenespicy, cinnamon, clover, pepper
Linalool floral, lavender, rose, citrus, wood, rosewood
Pinenedill, parsley, basil, hops, wood, pine
Terpineolfresh, smoky, wood, herbal, citrus, floral

Secondary terpenes in Sour Tangie include limonene, caryophyllene, linalool, pinene, and terpineol.

  • Limonene is responsible for the citrusy aroma and flavor of Sour Tangie, which resembles a mix of lemon, orange, and tangerine. Besides adding to the flavor profile, Limonene can also improve mood, reduce anxiety, and boost immunity.
  • Caryophyllene has a spicy aroma and flavor, similar to cinnamon, clover, and pepper. It’s also known for its ability to alleviate pain, inflammation, and stress.
  • Linalool has a floral aroma and flavor, reminiscent of lavender, rose, citrus, and wood. Linalool has calming properties, which can help soothe the nerves, promote sleep, and fight bacteria.
  • Pinene has a piney aroma and flavor, similar to dill, parsley, basil, hops, and wood. Pinene can also improve memory, alertness, and bronchial function.
  • Terpineol has a sweet aroma and flavor, like fresh, smoky, wood, herbal, citrus, and floral. Terpineol is known to induce relaxation and drowsiness.
Sour Tangie cannabis Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman

Aroma & Flavor

Sour Tangerine is considered to be one of the most aromatic marijuana strains in the world. Its distinct scent is a combination of sour diesel and citrus lemon, making it a truly unique strain.

When smoking Sour Tangie, the diesel scent is less overpowering, allowing the sweet tangy taste to take center stage. Overall, Sour Tangie is a delightful strain that offers a balanced and enjoyable smoking experience.

Adverse Reactions

It is important to use the Sour Tangie, in moderation. This is especially true for those who are new to using cannabis, as the initial cerebral high can be surprising and may cause dizziness. Additionally, users may experience dry mouth and dry eyes.

It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to avoid exceeding your personal limits. If a user surpasses their tolerance level, they may experience an increase in anxiety. Therefore, medical cannabis users who rely on Sour Tangerine to manage anxiety should only use this hybrid in small amounts.


Sour Tangie is used primarily for two purposes. First, it is used to manage stress, which in turn helps people deal with depression. Secondly, it is used to increase energy levels.

Users of this strain often feel energetic, making it a great option for those who feel tired and need an extra energy boost to deal with mental issues and other anxiety issues.

Another benefit of using Sour Tangerine is that it can help people who struggle with appetite problems. Taking a small amount about an hour before eating can help improve appetite and make meal times more enjoyable.

Sour Tangie marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman

Sour Tangie Strain Grow Info

Growing Sour Tangie can be a great experience, whether you choose to grow it outdoors or indoors. However, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure your plants grow healthy and strong.

If you decide to grow Sour Tangie outdoors, make sure to choose a spacious garden that provides plenty of sunlight and good ventilation. On the other hand, if you prefer to grow it indoors, pay attention to the vertical growth of the plant and choose a place that can accommodate it.

Sour Tangie thrives in warm, dry climates, so it’s crucial to keep the humidity low to prevent mold and mildew growth. Good air circulation is also essential to prevent these problems, especially in humid climates.

To ensure optimal growth, maintain the temperature between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, make sure your plants receive plenty of sunlight during the day.

Use well-draining soil to avoid over-water, as this strain does not like to be overly wet. Additionally, feed your plants with high-quality nutrients to help them grow strong and healthy. Be careful not to overfertilize, as it can cause nutrient burn and other issues.

Pruning and training can help improve yields and promote healthy growth. Consider using techniques like topping and LST (low-stress training) to maximize your yield.

Finally, keep an eye on your plants’ watering and pH levels, as cannabis plants are sensitive to fluctuations in these factors. Use pH test kits and make sure your plants are getting adequate water without getting wet.

Sour Tangie marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman

Sour Tangie Flowering Time


When grown indoors, Sour Tangerine takes approximately 9-10 weeks to fully flower. It is important to consider the amount of space this strain requires for indoor growing.


Outdoors Sour Tangie reaches full maturity in early to mid-October. It is important to prune these plants early to control their height, as they have the potential to grow quite tall.

Keep in mind that they also have a strong odor, which can attract unwanted attention from neighbors, and they can be quite visible.


When grown indoors, Sour Tangerine can produce 16 to 20 ounces per square foot, depending on growing techniques and conditions.

Outdoor yields can reach 24 ounces or more per plant, depending on climate and environment.

The buds have a bright green color with purple hues. The buds are dense, resinous, and covered in orange hairs and trichomes.


Sour Tangie is a modern tribute to the legendary Tangerine Dream, a strain that dominated the cannabis scene three decades ago with its citrusy aroma and flavor.

DNA Genetics, the breeders behind Sour Tangie, revived the old classic by crossing it with their own Tangie, a strain that inherited the orange traits from its parent, California Orange.

The result was a Sativa-dominant strain with a strong citrus appeal. To add some diesel fuel to the mix, DNA Genetics then crossed Tangie with East Coast Sour Diesel, a potent and pungent variant of the original Sour Diesel.

The outcome was Sour Tangie, a strain that exhibits two distinct phenotypes depending on which parent it resembles more.

FAQs about Sour Tangie Weed Strain

Sour Tangerine is a sativa-dominant strain that produces high yields of resinous buds. Indoor growers can expect to harvest 16 to 20 ounces of potent flowers per square meter, while outdoor growers can enjoy 24 ounces or more per plant.

Sour Tangerine typically has a THC level of 21% to 22%, which makes it a potent choice for experienced users. The CBD content of Sour Tangie is low, ranging from 0.2% to 0.4%, so it is not recommended for those seeking medical benefits from CBD.

Sour Tangie is a popular strain of cannabis that is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, making it an excellent choice for daytime use. It can also induce a sense of euphoria and focus, which can enhance creativity and productivity.

However, it is important to note that Sour Tangerine may have some side effects, such as dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, or paranoia, especially in high doses or for novice users.

Despite this, Sour Tangie is still suitable for treating a variety of conditions, including depression, fatigue, stress, pain, and lack of appetite.

To grow Sour Tangie successfully:

  1. Outdoor growers should choose a sunny, spacious spot; indoor growers should allow for vertical growth
  2. Keep the climate warm and dry, and use fans and dehumidifiers to prevent mold and mildew
  3. Use well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and avoid overfeeding and overwatering
  4. Prune and train your plants using techniques like topping and LST to increase yield
  5. Monitor water and pH levels regularly, using pH test kits and watering when the soil feels dry.

Sour Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines the citrus flavor of Tangie with the diesel aroma of East Coast Sour Diesel.

Sour Tangie has a sweet and tangy taste, with notes of diesel and citrus. The aroma is also pungent and fruity, with hints of orange peel. Sour Tangerine is a potent strain that can uplift your mood, energize your mind, and stimulate your creativity.

Sour Tangie and Sour Diesel are two popular strains of cannabis that share some similarities. However, they also have some notable differences.

Both strains are sativa-dominant and produce uplifting and energizing effects, along with a strong citrus aroma. Nevertheless, Sour Tangerine has a higher THC content than Sour Diesel, which makes it more potent and euphoric. Conversely, Sour Diesel has a higher CBD content than Sour Tangie, which makes it more relaxing and soothing.

Sour Tangie is also popular for its creative and mood-enhancing properties. In contrast, Sour Diesel is more suitable for stress relief and pain management.

Strain Info:


Sour Tangie Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman
Sour Tangie Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman
Sour Tangie Strain Review & Growing Info, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, dna genetics, seedsman


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