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Orange Creamsicle strain review

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Orange Creamsicle


(Sativa 60%/ Indica 40%) Orange Crush X Juicy Fruit


Harvest XL, indoor 350-450gr/sqm, outdoor 450gr/plant


7 – 9 weeks 


THC 7-18%, CBD 0.05-0.2%


Old school classic

Warm climate

high yield aff

Orange Creamsicle strain:

No conclusive answer was yet rendered Orange Creamsicle strain using two of the sweetest strains – Juicy Fruit and Orange Crush. The first is a sativa-dominant bud with a smooth taste, while the second is an Indian strain with a slim flavor. The sativa-dominant strain of Orange CreamSicle is 60/40, with a THC distribution from 7%-18%.

The sweet but unusually tropical fragrance of Orange Creamsicle may be identical to freshly matured mangoes or oranges that instantly take one to a fruit grove. Mix with faint notes of vanilla and moist soil visible more when the buds are broken down or combusted.

It really tastes like Orange Creamsicle. It’s like citrus fruits, except it’s coated in creamy vanilla. On an exhalation, it leaves in the mouth tropical yet milky aftertaste long after the last puff.

It is possible that by using an orange scabbard, you would get dizzy. Often a slight sense of paranoia can accompany it. These symptoms commonly arise when the strain is overused. Yet users feel only a slight headache most of the time. Nevertheless, it’s still more comfortable to use yourself easily and moderately.

Soon, the user can enjoy the body relaxing. They’ll have the desire to lay back and relax while it happens. If ample food is eaten, the customer is probably couched up. However, if absolutely necessary, it would always be possible to get up. A flexible strain, Orange Creamsicle, especially in the morning or early evening, can be used at any time of the day.

Average Yield

Orange Creamsicle’s growing trend is identical to its Juicy Fruit Sativa parent. It is better when grown in many Mediterranean or Equatorial regions in the warm climate. It rises high and makes delicate, conical blossoms. It flowers rapidly, and yields increased, exposed to constant sunshine.

This is not to suggest that in northern latitudes, the plant would not function well. It’s late to bloom, instead. It might not only be very open to its new surroundings. Therefore, many farmers tend to cultivate their bud indoors, in which a tropical environment can be easily imitated by changing factors such as temperature, light, and humidity.

Orange Creamsicle has a brief indoor flora of 7 to 9 weeks, considering its history of Sativa. Upon maturation, cultivators harvest 350-450 grams of buds per square meter.

Orange creamsicle from the last week of September to the third week of October typically flowers from Greenhouse. It produces at least 450 grams of frosted buds per square meter until ready for harvest.

Medical use

The fundamental causes of the consumption of marijuana are stress management. Indeed, one-third of consumers in America alone understand the green herb’s capacity to deal with the uneasy effects of stress. And Orange Creamsicle works well for this reason.

When Orange Creamsicle induces the happy high, the bad prospects are affected. It also calms the mind and helps alleviate the intense anxiety of pressures and typically affects people. Similarly, mood-stabilizing effects can offer a soothing factor for stress and have other mental health problems such as PTSD.

In addition to actions, Orange Creamsicle decreases a spectrum of physical discomforts, such as diverse wear and tear caused by weakness or exhaustion. As each muscle relaxes, its antiemetic properties prevent people from vomiting food. It’s a perfect partner for cancer patients who endure chemotherapy’s nauseating results.

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