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Sundae Driver strain review

Sundae Driver strain review weed flower grow seed

Sundae Driver 


Hybrid (Sativa 70%/ Indica 30%)   Grape Pie X Fruity Pebbles OG


Prize Winner


Harvest indoor up to 400 gr/sqm, outdoor Up to 400 gr/plant


7 – 9 weeks 


THC 14-20%, CBD <2%


New school  

Temperate / continental

Sundae Driver strain review weed flower grow seed

Sundae Driver strain:

Sundae Driver strain is one of the strongest and the dessert varieties are wonderful. There is a strong, euphoric high of powerful calming sensations of the body. The Sundae Driver  is a delicious treat for users of every kind. The healthy 70/30 blend of Indica and Sativa varieties makes it the world’s strongest.
This easy like Sundae Driver Strain  as a nice and smooth mix of Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles OG. It’s a modern strain that’s making the way into a classic. Look for THC ranges from 14% to 20% so the Sundae Driver doesn’t have a bounce.
Sundae Driver has lots of body impact, like other strains with a strong indica material. The strong and deep euphoric head of the body tends to that everything but depression to inflammation.
The scent is a moderate, smooth, and user-friendly fruit profile. There’s a variety of fruity pebbles and berries, which make the scent lively with herbal undertones.
The Sundae Driver malty taste is the result of its strains from ancestry. The nice and fruity Sundae Driver reminiscent of ice-cream sundae with its caramel shades and a fluffy after-good.
Sundae Driver can develop indoors within 7-9 weeks. Additionally, the Sundae Driver can bloom and the pressure yield of the SD strain is usually 14 oz. per square meters. You should look to harvest in the northern hemisphere in early October when you are growing Sundae Driver outside. Mounting can be up to 14-16 oz. It entirely depends on your training method, especially during planting.
Ultimately, there is a mild sedative effect, as the high winds descend. This helps people with insomnia to find their desired sleep. If you settle down and relax at the end of the night, Sundae Driver can make you feel lull into your sweet dreams.
Sundae Driver strain review weed flower
Sundae Driver strain review weed flower grow
Sundae Driver strain review weed flower grow seed
Sundae Driver strain review weed flower grow seed
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